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Joel Morales

Course Testimonials

Cassy Y

10 out of 10 would recommend!!! I considered myself a pretty seasoned worshipper as I have done all the courses, read all the books and went to all the conferences. During this course I realized I was believing SO MANY lies about worship and myself! This is a life changing course. I left with a newfound freedom removing so much pressure from religious lies off of me. I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost revelation and deliverance that Caleb releases through this course. 

Naomi P

This course was truly an eye and heart opening experience! This experience has opened my heart and my vulnerability again!! Ty!❤

Alicia A

MIND BLOWING EXPERIENCE! I can truly say the worshipper in me has been unlocked and become more free because of this course! You’ve GOT to add this to your list of courses to attend in the future!

Jesse P

I was immensely blessed by this simple but effective teaching on worship. These four pillars have realigned my heart and I feel like I’m able to lead worship in a fresh, new way.

Sarah S

This workshop will get you in the right heart position to lead worship. It will free you from the pressures, and teach you the secrets of His presence! There was also important revelations for New Testament worship leaders, which I felt was foundational!

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