Spiritual Breakthrough in 21 Days Without Fasting???

Is it possible to have a spiritual breakthrough in your life with just 5-10 minutes a day for 21 days?  What if you feasted for 21 days on the Lord in celebration?

What if you switched up your spiritual warfare to spiritual “joy-fare”? Our celebration of what Jesus has already done for us can shift our atmosphere!

The 21 Day Communion Challenge does just that! Through the 5-minute devotionals and take the taking of the communion elements, you will find that:

  • you grow in your love of Jesus
  • see the power of the Cross and Resurrection in a new light
  • see healing and wholeness happen to you and through you
  • see your peace increase
  • and so much more!

There is a short video, scripture, and devotional for each day, and you will cover the following:

  • The Basics (7 sessions) – what is communion? Why is remembering important? Seeing Jesus as our Bread of Life, and more.
  • The Body (7 sessions) – this is where the Body of Christ within communion is explored, and how he took our curses, shame, poverty, and more while he was on the Cross!
  • The Blood (7 sessions) – this covers the blood in the New Covenant, forgiveness, clean consciences, and overcoming by the Blood of the Lamb!

If you are ready to start your 21 days of a spiritual breakthrough by taking the communion elements at home with this online devotional, sign up now! 

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course

    • Taking communion at home

    • How close do you feel to God right now?

  • 2

    The Basics

  • 3

    The Body

    • Day 8 - Jesus Took Our Curses

    • Day 9 - Jesus Took Our Poverty

    • Day 10 - Jesus Took Our Shame

    • Day 11 - Jesus Took Our Rejection

    • Day 12 - Jesus Took Our Abandonment

    • Day 13 - Jesus Took Our Sickness

    • Day 14 - Jesus Took Our Death

  • 4

    The Blood

    • Day 15 - The Blood of Jesus Christ

    • Day 16 - Forgiveness in the Blood

    • Day 17 - Righteous by Belief

    • Day 18 - Made New

    • Day 19 - A Clean Conscience

    • Day 20 - Bold Before the Throne

    • Day 21 - Overcoming by the Blood and Our Testimony

  • 5

    Final Lesson

    • Closing 21DCC

    • Final Reflections

    • Copyright and Biblical Quotation Notice

Feast with Joy!

What if you started a new season with joy? Feasting with Jesus, remembering all he has done! It's $24.95 for the course, or sign up for TRP.TV and get this course included for $8.00/month!